Episode 62 – Spectacular Pageant of Nighttime Magic!

In this episode we cover the latest updates and renovations at Disneyland; and in our main segment we look back and give our trip report on our recent trip to Disneyland where we experienced the last days of the 2022 Food and Wine Festival, Dapper Day and the return of nighttime entertainment of Fireworks, Parades and the World of Color! 

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Episode 61 – Dapper Disneyland

Welcome to Episode 61 “Dapper Disneyland!” 

In this episode we cover the latest news from the parks and in our main segment we look ahead to our upcoming trip to Disneyland at the end of April! In particular, we look at the Dapper Day festivities planned for that weekend, as well as all the new entertainment of Fireworks, Parades and the return of World of Color! 

As a reminder, we are moving to a once a month schedule for the podcast for the foreseeable future. While it will be difficult to not talk Disney more through the month, we are excited to cover the month’s happenings for you all!

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Episode 60 – A Dream is a DISH Your Heart Makes!

Welcome to Episode 60 “A Dream is a DISH Your Heart Makes!” In this episode we cover the latest news from the parks and in our main segment we look at our FAVORITES of the dishes that will be offered at this year’s Food & Wine Festival at Disney California Adventure! We also have some exciting announcements for future travel plans to the parks! 

As a reminder, we are moving to a once a month schedule for the podcast for the foreseeable future. While it will be difficult to not talk Disney more through the month, we are excited to cover the month’s happenings for you all!

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Episode 59.5 – Minisode: A First Time Perspective of Disney World

Welcome to Castle Cast Episode 59.5, a not-so-mini Minisode: A First Time Perspective of Disney World!

We are joined by Special Correspondent Melissa to get her thoughts on our recent trip to Disney World and what it was like to visit the “Most Magical Place On Earth” for the first time. 

Episode 59 – New Year, New Castle Cast!

Welcome to episode 59 of Castle Cast, “New Year, New Castle Cast!” After a long hiatus, we have returned to share all the latest Disney news and to reminisce about our trip to Disney World in December.  We are thrilled to be back and have so much to talk about!

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Episode 58 – Magical Planning

Welcome to episode 58 of Castle Cast, “Magical Planning!” We are less than a week away from the start of our Disney World return, so in this episode we talk about all the planning we have done to far and our hopes for the upcoming trip. We also talk about all the new Disneyland news from Destination D23, as well as a new Shop Drop just in time for the gift giving season! 

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Changes Coming to Disneyland Resort – 


The Return of the Handmade Candy Canes!

Special Meet and Greet at Disneyland Holiday Ticketed Event


Avengers Campus adds Hawkeye characters


Walt Disney World Latest News


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Episode 57 – Disney+ Day

Welcome to episode 57 of Castle Cast, “Disney+ Day!” In this episode we talk about ALL the news from the parks, especially the amazing selection of Holiday snacks at the Disneyland Resort. For our main segment, we are talking about all the news from DISNEY+ DAY, including the latest updates from Pixar, Star Wars and Marvel. We then give our spoiler-free and spoiler-filled reviews of the latest MCU movie, Eternals. Thanks for listening!

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Disney+ Day


Episode 55 – Someday My Trip Will Come

Welcome to episode 55 of Castle Cast Radio, “Someday My Trip Will Come.” In this episode we talk about the the planning involved in our upcoming visit to Disneyland Parks in less than two weeks. We share our advice on how to plan for a mid-pandemic trip so that you can be safe as possible and have the most fun you can squeeze in to your time at the parks! We also share the latest news regarding ride refurbishments, Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary celebrations, the holidays in the parks, and much, much more! 

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Episode 54 – Frightfully Fun!

Welcome to episode 54 of Castle Cast Radio, “Frightfully Fun!” In this episode we talk about all the Halloween magic coming to the Disneyland resort, as well as our spoiler-free and spoiler-filled reviews of the newest Marvel movie, ‘Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.’ We also share the latest news regarding the new Genie system, Holiday plans for Disneyland and much, much more! 

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Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings:


Preview’d https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NbqYtuE5IFs&ab_channel=pReview%27d

Episode 46.5 – Minisode: The Return of Disneyland

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Welcome to Castle Cast Episode 46.5 — A not-so-mini Minisode: The Return of Disneyland!!!

We share our thoughts on the possibility of Disneyland opening in the next month, as well as looking at the ticket process for A Touch of Disney and what we hope to see, eat and do at this event when we go in April. And, to wrap up this minisode, we look at the phenomenon that was WandaVision, giving both a spoiler free review and a spoiler-filled deep dive into the series. 

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Disneyland Reopening is Possible April 1st





A Touch of Disney Ticketed Event Details

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